NPP RUSMET celebrated the end of October, together with the end of the “golden” autumn period, with its participation in the 12th international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies “WELDEX-2012”. For four days, from the 23rd to the 26th, the exhibition pavilion of our company cordially welcomed guests who decided to attend the ROSSVARKA event at the Sokolniki Exhibition Centre this season.

The team of our company has put a lot of effort and energy into preparing for the exposition and, without bragging, we can say that it was not in vain. A number of interesting representatives of the companies from the industry that would seem to be rather harsh and strict, purposeful and creative partners, inquisitive and simply glorious guests graced and diversified the program of our booth.

The WELDEX-2012 exhibition was the fourth serious and exciting event in the history of NPP RUSMET and, as for previous events, we tried to make the exposition amazing, unusual and indicative. In the most unusual incarnations, the samples of metal cutting with plasma and gas of all kinds of thickness, size, complexity, accuracy and even grace were exhibited at the booth of our pavilion. Also, the masters of NPP RUSMET did their best to show our capabilities in welding, bending and various processing of the cut metals. The pavilion itself was executed in the form of a bright and attractive metal construction, which attracted a lot of surprised and admired, as well as perplexed glances.

Especially for the exhibition, RUSMET has developed an unusual, but very comfortable and practical furniture installation made exclusively using the capabilities of our company. In addition to the unusual furniture ensemble, decorative metal jewellery was created in the form of a bear, adapted for storing small items and, for example, some trinkets, a bright and precisely repeating features of the original Eiffel Tower and many entertaining and shocking metal souvenirs. Invariably, our representatives were accompanied by a little mammoth that was well known to our regular guests, and according to the established tradition, each visitor could choose a small bright and entertaining gift, which is also an example of our production capacities.

The staff of NPP RUSMET thanks for the attention and genuine interest of each of our guests and will be glad to cooperate in any existing or promising areas of work in the general production and scientific field. We will be glad to see and surprise you again and again!