RUMBIS sludge scraper is designed to collect and remove sediments appearing in primary radial sedimentation tanks. The sludge scrapers are used in large scale industrial plants or urban wastewater treatment plants in mechanical wastewater treatment complexes.

Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS
Илоскреб RUMBIS


Spillway Cleaning

BIS series sludge scrapers are equipped with an anti-icing system using chemical reagents, which eliminates slipping of the sludge scraper wheels during winter. The main elements are: reagent tank, metering pump, reagent supply lines, sprinklers, optional track brush

Grease auger system

Consists of scrapers and hopper

Automatic control

The operation of the sludge scraper is carried out in manual as well as in automatic mode according to a given program. The control algorithm and the required set of functions are consistent with the customer requests.

  • Local control panel
  • Emergency cable switch
  • Smooth launch
  • Rotation speed adjustment
  • Data transfer to the top level
  • SMS notification of an operator about emergency stop
  • Adaptive control, automatic change of operation mode depending on sink level


ModelDiameter, mDepth, mSpeed, cm/sDrive power, kW
BIS-552-62,5 ... 50,37
BIS-10102-62,5 ... 50,37
BIS-16162-62,5 ... 50,37
BIS-18182-62,5 ... 50,55
BIS-20202-62,5 ... 50,55
BIS-22222-62,5 ... 50,55
BIS-24242-62,5 ... 50,75
BIS-26262-62,5 ... 50,75
BIS-28282-62,5 ... 50,75
BIS-30302-62,5 ... 51,1
BIS-40402-62,5 ... 51,1
BIS-54542-62,5 ... 51,5

Consider the indicated values as approximate. The sludge scrapers are made according to individual technical specifications agreed with the customer.


  • The design of the sludge scraper requires materials with a corrosion-resistant surface AISI304 using polymer materials

Bridge type

  • Radial
  • Radial elongated
  • Diametrical

Drive types

  • Peripheral
  • Central

Type of scrapers

  • Many Scrapers (stacked from plowshares)
  • Logarithmically Continuous


  • Soothing
  • Spill edge
  • Semi-submersible board
  • Spill edge Cleaning System
  • Track Cleaning System
  • Current collector
  • Anti-icing system
  • Sludge Control System
  • Steel catchment trays
  • Grease removal system

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