The spillway is designed to level the overflow ridge horizontally and evenly collect water from the surface.

The spillway is installed on distribution and prefabricated devices (gutters, trays, etc.) of capacitive water supply and sewage structures and helps to increase the service life of concrete sides of overflow trays.

Drainage SP
Водослив SP. Установка

Weirs are shaped in a form with a triangular or trapezoidal cut.
The dimensions of the spillway edge are calculated for a specific technical task.
Spillway edges are made of passivated stainless steel aisi304 ... aisi316L or polymeric materials.
The design allows precise height adjustment.
Pads for sealing edge joints are included.

It is possible to supply a set of stainless fasteners and sealing materials.


Водослив SP. Выбор типоразмера

The required standard size of a triangular spillway with an angle α = 90º can be selected according to the graph of the dependence of the flow rate Q on the pressure value N.

Водослив SP. Распределение величины расхода


Flow rate distribution

The spillway load of no more than 10 l / s per 1 l.m. is permitted.

It is possible to produce weirs with an angle at the apex other than 90º, as well as with a rectangular, trapezoidal or curved profile.

The flow rate of a triangular spillway (at α = 90º) according to the formula Q = 1 343 H 2,47

N, mQ, l/secN, mQ, l/secN, mQ, l/sec


The spillway has a calculated and uniform overflow of water from the tank and the ability to regulate it. It is no secret that if discharge rates in sedimentation tanks are violated, it is impossible to maintain the required indicator for suspended particles. Also, an adjustable gear spillway makes it possible to work uniformly throughout the sedimentation tanks in all of its areas, thereby reducing the removal of suspended particles.

The use of serrated spill edges improves the efficiency of structures, eliminates possible errors in construction and installation, as well as the destruction of the structure surfaces during operation.

Advantages of using gear drainage made of polypropylene:

  • Toothed spillway is less sensitive to wave phenomena and elevation differences compared to even weirs.
  • The spillway is made of polypropylene and is not subject to fouling by microflora, chemically resistant.
  • Durability and high strength. The durability of the polymer material is 50 years. And if necessary, it's easy to replace several polymer modules that have failed.
  • Hygienic licenses, certificates, passports for products are available for the spillway.
  • The installation of a gear spillway made of polymer can be done without the full sump emptying and it takes 3 to 4 days.

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