The adsorptive filters of the RUMFIT-A.S brand

The adsorptive filters of the RUMFIT-A.S brand

Are used to clean gas and air emissions from objects of the sewer network of a settlement, namely sewer pumping stations, mines, wells, sewage treatment plants, etc.

Industrial Grinder RUMBID

Industrial Grinder RUMBID

Is designed to reduce the volume of solid waste by grinding the initial product to a fraction of a smaller size

Обезвоживатель мешковый RUMDEG-B

Dehydrator Bag

Is designed to reduce the amount of sludge from domestic, storm and industrial wastewater treatment plants by reducing its moisture content



Mobile device MOBILOT 3300.PS for collection and transportation of waste oils

Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS

Sewer Pumping Station

Is designed for pumping drainage, surface-rain, domestic, industrial and industrial wastewater

Илоскреб RUMBIS

RUMBIS sludge scraper

Sludge scraper is designed to collect and remove sediments appearing in primary radial sedimentation tanks

Drainage SP

Drainage SP

The spillway is designed to level the overflow ridge horizontally and evenly collect water from the surface

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor can be used to transport waste, sand, dehydrated sludge separated from wastewater to be disposed of at wastewater treatment plants.

Решетка шнековая (винтовая)

Screw Lattice

The screw lattice is designed for efficient separation and transportation of waste in separation systems