The Sewage pumping station (hereinafter SPS), is designed for pumping drainage, surface-rain, domestic, industrial and industrial wastewater in cases where the transport of liquid by gravity is impossible.

Sewer pumping stations solve everyday problems, the main one i improving the life quality of the population of certain areas and the possibility of developing new land plots (distant from the engineering infrastructure). The pumping stations made possible the development of new territories in swampy or flooded areas, and it became possible to channel far districts into urban sewer networks, lay sewer networks on complex terrains, and also the made it possible to create surfaces with a large drainage area for the construction of hard-surface areas (for example, roads and parking areas).

Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS
Установка КНС

The main advantages of SPS

  • the SPS body lifespan is more than 60 years
  • 100% impermeability
  • unique design
  • full factory readiness with preliminary check
  • modern automation system and instrumentation
  • the SPS comes with pumps and a control cabinet
  • underground installation, no ground construction required
  • no technical staff required (SMS alert)
  • low operational costs
  • ease of installation and maintenance
  • comprehensive approach — from project to commissioning
  • assistance to designers in the selection of equipment and placement on object plans (DWG objects for AutoCAD)

Design and working principle

The body of the sewage pumping station is a cylindrical steel tank. The upper part of the body, its overlap and hatches can be made in an insulated version.

For descent into the SPS, a ladder with an intermediate platform is provided. The platform has a hinged hatch for getting to the bottom of the tank.

At the inlet of the gravity collector, a trellised container is installed in the receiving tank to collect large inclusions contained in wastewater. a container with the collected garbage can be moved to the surface and guided out using a winch. The container clearance is 16 mm.

The operation of the pumping system is automated by the water level in the receiving tank in such a way that the signals for turning the pumps on and off are supplied by float level sensors. Separate check valves, gate valves and vibration compensators are installed on the pressure lines of the pumps.

The pressure line of the pumping station is connected to the outlet through a "water lock", which allows doing the necessary repair work without draining the system.

There is a system of agitation of sedimentary silt, which is activated by a special valve located in the access zone on the surface.

An electric pump control cabinet is located on the surface and is made in an insulated version with the help of a thermo-regulation system.

Air exchange and gas removal are carried out by a ventilation system equipped with an exhaust fan and an inflow pipe.

The exhaust fan turns off automatically when the air temperature drops below +5 degrees.

General view of the SPS

Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка
Канализационная насосная станция RM_KNS. Общая сборка


Product designationProduct nameQuantityFactory number
RM_KNS.UV.45Sewage pumping station1503
RM_KNS.UV.45.EMControl cabinet1503-А
RM_KNS.UV.45.VEOperational documentation1 set.

Are you interested in our products and services?

We are ready to develop an individual design of the pumping station based on your requirements, hold a consultation on the selection of equipment and set up the designed pumping station based on the customer's drawings. Our designers will connect the SPS to existing networks in the drawings provided.