Zavod NPP Rusmet designs and manufactures tanks, plants and equipment for wastewater treatment, metalworking, metallic products and provides metalworking services, including procurement services; cutting of metal sheets and high-quality metal rolling.

Modern lines equipped with imported equipment of the latest generation can quickly produce high-quality metal products, such as containers for supply, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel, food processing equipment, containers for fuel and lubricants, water and bulk materials, treatment facilities, stormwater, tanks of type RV and RG, hangars, MK and LMK, MK elements, spans, trusses, columns , spatial structures, sliding supports, reinforcing blocks, embedded and shaped parts, flanges, decorative elements of the exterior and interior, etc., both for construction organizations and procurement of parts for manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

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The production of NPM RUSMET received international recognition and became a licensee of the Hardox wear platetrademark in August 2013; this status allows the production of metal products from the Hardox® wear-resistant steel of the Swedish steel company SSAB and the use of the trademark for marketing purposes. In January 2014, the NPM RUSMET plant became a certified metal centre of the Swedish steel company SSAB under the Hardox wearparts program.

Efficiency of order fulfillment, the latest and highest quality equipment, extensive experience of the company’s employees and fair work costs due to the use of the most effective and high-tech metalworking methods, all this allows us to be proud of our production, the quality of the services provided and attract new customers. The production base of NPP RUSMET with a total area of more than 5000 square meters is located in the city of Lyubertsy. Half of the workshops are designed, manufactured and built on our own. In June 2014, a new 2 kW IPG laser cutting machine was launched, which allows cutting shaped figures of complex contours from steel up to 16 mm thick with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The enterprise is equipped with modern gantry machines, plasma and gas cutting, numerically controlled (CNC), American-made MULTICAM and European-made BAYKAL using the best plasma sources HPR 400 XD, HPR 260 XD, HPR 260 and HPR 130, from the world leader in production Hypertherm plasma equipment. The technological capabilities of our machines allow the cutting of sheet metal with a thickness of: up to 16 mm - with a laser, 80 mm - with plasma, up to 200 mm - with gas.

For work, only high quality materials are used. The production is equipped with the latest imported technological equipment - band saws, press brakes, including CNC, roll forming machines, 3 and 4 roll rollers, a flanging machine for the production of tank bottoms with a thickness of up to 6 mm and diameter up to 6 m. Semi-automatic MIG welding machines from global manufacturers ESAB and EWM, powerful welding machines for TIG welding, devices for preparing welded surfaces and for passivation (cleaning) of the weld, CNC plasma and gas metal cutting machines.

NPP RUSMET has its own park of trucks and cars of various carrying capacities. At the production site, lifting equipment, diesel loaders, multi-ton beam cranes, truck cranes are widely used. In July 2014, the plant NPP RUSMET certifies a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2011.

The technological and design potential of the company allows to implement the most daring architectural and design solutions, creating objects of any complexity - from simple storage facilities to complex technological buildings, sports facilities, retail and leisure facilities. Using modern calculation and design programs. The company's specialists create metal structures based on the selection of the necessary metal thicknesses and beam sections. The use of this technology with the use of special high-quality steels allows getting one-span objects of a sufficiently large span. Such designs have good weight characteristics while maintaining all the strength properties. This makes possible to obtain high-performance structures and reduce metal consumption per square meter of the building. The company carries out a full construction cycle - design, manufacture of metal structures, their transportation and installation. Having a closed construction cycle, the company can significantly reduce the construction time of the facility by combining design with the manufacture and installation of metal structures.

Related areas of the company go beyond the field of manufacturing only metal structures and allow more efficient use of production resources and capabilities. In addition, the company is engaged in the provision of metal plasma cutting services, the manufacture of metal products for various purposes, such as art forging, decorative metal products for the interior and exterior of premises, specialized construction equipment, sports simulators, metal products for household use, etc.


NPP RUSMET. Partners and Customers



V. F. Shmatkovsky

Director of GBU PVT №19
to General director of NPO RUSMET LLC
D. V. Goryainov

Honorable Dmitry Viktorovich!
I would like to express our sincere gratitude from the staff of the State budgetary institution Resort for Labor Veterans No.19 of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the City of Moscow for the free help in preparing for the Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, on the repair and restoration of medical rehabilitation facilities, catering equipment, metallic furniture, facilities adaptation for the disabled people with defective musculoskeletal systems, metallic furniture. We are very pleased to have such a responsive and reliable assistant! We wish you and your amazing team work success, happiness, good health and great luck!
We look forward to further cooperation.

Klinetsky K.E.

General director
"Yaroslavl Factory of Drinks" LLC works in collaboration with "NPO RUSMET" LLC since 2015. During that time, the organization completed orders for the production of tank equipment for technological tasks of the enterprise. As a part of the tank production work, the production of the following types of equipment was carried out:
  • Tanks for SIP automatic stations made of stainless steel in accordance with the AISI316 standard..
  • Tanks of non-standard configuration for water treatment.
  • Tanks for making the syrup rooms used in the preparation of drinks.
  • Distribution panels for the syrup rooms made by laser cutting of stainless steel sheets.
  • Drawings and all necessary technical documentation for the production of tank equipment.
It is important to note that all the above work was completed within the shortest possible time frame. Thus, "NPO RUSMET" LLC displayed high-quality work.
We believe that the organization is equipped with a competent and highly qualified staff, which helps in resolving the most complex tasks of equipment production.
"NPO RUSMET" LLC reaffirms its reputation as a reliable partner responsible for its duties to customers.