On August 28, 2013, the NPP RUSMET manufacturing company became a licensee for the right to use the Hardox wear plate trademark.

This status allows NPP RUSMET to manufacture metal products made of Hardox® wearproof steel and use the Hardox wear plate trademark for marketing purposes.

The parts and assemblies that are exposed to high loads and rapid wear made of Hardox wearproof sheet steel, which is exclusively manufactured by the Swedish steel company SSAB EMEA AB, are manufactured at the production facilities of NPP RUSMET by plasma cutting, welding and machining. Hardox delivers exceptionally superior performance under the most extreme conditions. The ultra-strong and hard wearproof Hardox steel has reliably established itself around the world, helping to increase the payload on structures, reduce equipment weight without compromising performance, reduce equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs due to long-term operation and reliability.

Hardox wearproof steel is used for heavy duty applications and equipment:

  • Waste transportation, recycling and shredding: lining of garbage trucks, grabs, buckets, grinders, granulators, crushers, sieves, screens, conveyor belts, tanks.
  • Road construction machinery: hammers, lining of gutters, blades of drums, tanks, excavator buckets, dumps of a bulldozer and grader, parts for crushers and screed levellers.
  • Quarry and mining equipment: edges of mechanical shovels, hopper, edges of dumps of bulldozers, light bodies, troughs, lining of drives, crusher parts.
  • Mining equipment: loader buckets, dump truck bodies, lining of drives and wagons, screens, lining of unloading points, lining of bunkers and skip.
  • Other equipment: civil reinforcement of cars and premises, lining of a concrete mixer, crusher armour, screening screens, knives and shredder plates, shredders, disintegrators, mechanical and hydraulic scissors, grips, multi-purpose grips, plowshares and plow bits, mixing trays.

More detailed information on Hardox wearproof steel is available on the manufacturer's website: http://www.hardox.com